About Us  

About Us

Mind Global Consult Limited is a Human Resources management and Organisational Development consulting firm. IT provides a comprehensive range of Human Resources and Organizational Development Solutions with a business focus. All our interventions are geared towards increasing staff productivity for our clients.

The co-founders and Managing Partners bring diversified Human Resource, Organisational Development and Management expertise from various industries and work environments.

Our diverse network of partners demonstrates expertise in a wide range of specialized Human Resources and Organisational Development and Management Advisory services. As a team, we have worked with small to large size private, public and non-profit organizations across diverse sectors.

Mind Global Consult establishes strong collaboration in partnership with you to build, develop and strengthen your organisation most important asset- Human Capital by:

  • Assessing and identifying your unique needs, challenges and Opportunities
  • Presenting solutions that are client-centred
  • Delivering programs, services and training that fit your culture and budget
  • Offer Human Resource Tools to manage your Human Capital
  • Ensuring alignment with business goals that ultimately have a positive impact on profit margins
  • Helping you to keep your human capital assets and key stakeholders engaged

Our Values

Innovative: Mind Global Consult strives to improve and do things differently with flexibility. We don't assume ‘how it's always been done’ is the right way.

Client Focused: Mind Global Consult works in collaboration with you. Your Success is Our Success!

Resilience: Mind Global Consult adapts to all life situations faced by us and our clients. Bending without breaking is part of our philosophy.

Transparent: Mind Global Practices Respect, Integrity, Openness and Honesty

Competence: Mind Global creates all the necessary tools that makes a difference

Our Value Proposition

Mind Global Consult provides an array of employee-facing services, expertise and resources designed to help managers choose and nurture top talent, manage Human Resource programs and processes, and maximize performance and morale based on best practices.

We take the time to develop a strong working relationship with you by understanding your needs, your business and your corporate culture and with that understanding, we deliver to your expectations.

Our experience spans many subject areas and many industries and with an active networks of consultants who share the same value and beliefs in support of client needs. Mind Global Consult optimises organisational productivity by providing services, resources, and expertise in support of your Company's unique Human Resource needs

Our Approach and Philosophy

Mind Global Consult deliberately breaks free from traditional views of Human Resources and Organizational Development, Mind Global Consulting frames our deep understanding of employment best practices and regulatory requirements with a commitment to optimizing our clients’ business success and prioritizing an approach that embraces the unique culture and needs of those we serve.

Our preferred approach to any assignment is the participatory one. The opportunity cost for participation is time. However, the gains from a participatory approach outweigh the time invested in the exercise. One of the gains is the ownership of the deliverables by those who are going to use them. Another is the assumption that the deliverables get used or implemented as soon as possible

Mind Global Consult simplifies Human Resource Management so you can focus on your business!

Mind Global Consult takes pride on simplifying the process of being a great employer. Managing people and navigating ever-changing employment laws is complicated. Our expert HR application of technology and systems, and the ability to navigate complex employee issues and HR challenges enables our clients to dedicate their valuable time and resources to their business

Mind Global Consult is committed to helping grow your business!

This happens best when your people strategy is aligned with your business strategy. Mind Global Consult engages as an extension of your team, applying programs and best practices that drive business results and mitigate risks. We are not happy until your organization is positioned for growth and equipped to move the needle

We give you exactly what you need!

Mind Global Consult recognizes that some businesses merely need initial or intermittent support while others prefer to entirely entrust their HR activities to a reliable HR provider. Some organizations may desire to gain efficiencies or better apply internal resources by peeling off specific HR activities. Regardless of where a company falls in this spectrum, Mind Global Consult solutions are tailored to scale and contract with the ongoing needs and objectives of each of our valued clients

We're obsessed with results!

When your organization is cautious about adding costs that do not directly contribute to increased business performance, then we have got your back. As an organization that is nimble and innovative, we’re not afraid to cast off traditional HR ideologies that have become ineffective and are no longer relevant. At Mind Global Consult, we embrace progressive technologies and tools that maximize efficiencies and energize employee engagement. We strive to reinvent ourselves with each client in a way that contributes value to the entire organization.

At Mind Global Consult, we believe managing employees is a major concern in many organisations.  When Human Capital is managed properly, you can have a productive, motivated, and well-trained team. When Human Resources (HR) is managed poorly, it can result in high turnover and internal issues that sap energy from growing your company.

Richard Branson, the founder of The Virgin Group, once stated,“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

This quote emphasizes the important role that Human Resource plays in any company.

Mind Global Consult can work with you to turn around the unpleasant work environment into one that’s positive and the results will show in your company’s bottom line.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients in a timely and cost effective manner. Our goal is to offer our clients the option that best suits their needs, be it a short or long term assignment, or on a project or ad hoc basis in order to maximise their productivity.

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