Employee Relations

Attendance Management

One of the leading challenges facing employers is managing attendance.  Indirect and direct costs to employers resulting from absenteeism are staggering. Absenteeism leads to inferior quality of service, lost productivity and reduced morale of co-workers. Consistent management of attendance problems will have highly positive effects on the workplace.

An attendance management program
  • Reduce overtime costs
  • Improve planning and organization of work
  • Increase employee morale
  • Improve employee/employer relations
  • Reduce the amount of time absorbed by attendance problems
  • Successful administration of an attendance management program requires managers and supervisors to create safe and favourable work environments that involve employees in the process

Employer Benefits

Employment Practices

The use of effective employment practices is essential when recruiting and retaining the ‘right’ employees.  Positive employment practices will make the difference between having a healthy bottom-line and work environment, or one filled with costly problems and low morale.

Employment practices refer to all the actions or process of performing or doing something related to the work environment.  As employers you have adopted many employment practices – but are they the ‘right’ ones?

Employment practices refer to all the actions or process of performing or doing something related to the work environment.  As employers you have adopted many employment practices – but are they the ‘right’ ones?

For example:

  • Do your managers know what they can say or do when faced with an employee challenge?
  • Do you provide employees with an up-to-date employee handbook?
  • Do you have and communicate employee policies and procedures?
  • Are you in compliance with the latest Employment Standards Act?
  • Are you using the best strategies to overcome problems?
  • Do your employees know where to turn when they are not sure what to do?
  • Do you have an orientation for your new hires?
  • Do employees know what to do in case of harassment?
  • Do you know what your managers are asking in hiring interviews?
  • Do you treat employees fairly and equally?
  • Do you reward employees according to their contributions and performance?


If you answered no to any of these questions you may not be using the most effective employment practices – in fact your employment practices could be costing you!

Increase productivity and decrease unnecessary spending by calling Mind Global Consult. Our specialists can help your organization identify issues, before they become costly problems.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Mediation is a powerful conflict resolution tool where an impartial third party helps committed parties discuss a dispute and work toward a solution that is acceptable to all parties. The mediation process provides a voluntary forum that gives the participants an opportunity to control their future, while saving time, money and preserving relationships. Unlike a judge or arbitrator, the mediator does not decide the outcome of the dispute. Mediated agreements tend to succeed because they result from a process that allows parties to create their own solutions.

Workplace conflict reduces productivity and generates tension that commonly extends beyond the original parties involved in the issue.  The ripple effects of frustrated, angry and resentful behaviours have a major impact on others in the company. Employers have found the use of mediation services can significantly reduce the costs of workplace conflict.  Resolving issues effectively and in a timely manner will bring enhanced benefits that extend out into an organization further than those who are immediately involved – it has a direct impact on organizational culture.

A workplace environment that provides the best tools for the speedy resolution of conflict and implements solutions that address the causes of the conflict will reap the benefits of proactive and healthy behaviours. 

Call Mind Global Consult to put your conflicts to rest.

Organizational Climate /Employee Surveys

Understanding your organization is a full time job in itself.

What are your current employee issues?

How can you make cost effective change and improve the work environment?

Reducing operational risk where people are concerned sometimes means leaders need to be ‘saved by constructive feedback’. Allowing employees to provide feedback through a third party confidential survey will uncover the symptoms which point to the root cause, information you need know to begin to make improvements. Successful organizations listen to what employees have to say and go about making reasonable change, based on the feedback, to improve their work environment

Employee Surveys help:

  • Assess organizational climate and understand the real cause of issues
  • Identify appropriate treatments, anticipate potential problems and implement improvements
  • Assess teamwork or management style concerns
  • Measure the effects of organizational change
  • Open channels of communication across your organization


A company’s strategic objectives might be anything from increasing profitability to developing internal leadership. Mind Global Consult can design surveys that will get answers to your questions and identify issues that need to be addressed or that can increase productivity or reduce turnover.

Whether it is an Employee Opinion Survey that is organization wide, a 360-degree survey that targets specific groups or developing key measures to add to your internal business Scorecard, HR-Fusion can help you improve your business

Employee Legislation Compliance

Every employer is exposed to risks by just offering employment contract, Mind Global assists in mitigating these risks by doing a risk assessment on your behalf and helping to close the gaps to ensure regulatory compliance. The goal is to avoid violence and harassment in the workplace, observance of employment Standards & Practices as well as Health & Safety issues.

Call the professionals at Mind Global Consult to help in mitigating these risks

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

When selling, buying or merging a business it is not just the ‘company’ that is part of the transaction- it also involves the people who work there.  You need to understand the current systems, culture and the employees.

Mind Global Consult provides expert advice related to the Human Resource issues involved in all phases of a merger, sale or acquisition by:

  • Conducting assessments of the target and/or acquiring organization
  • Identifying areas    of concern to be addressed prior to the deal
  • Assessing the culture(s) and the potential compatibility issues
  • Assessing and protecting intellectual property/human capital
  • Providing solutions and integration strategies
  • Assisting with employee communication
  • Providing change management throughout the process


Before you seal the deal - call Mind Global Consult to make sure the people side of the business is taken care of

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