What type of cargo can be transported by sea?
  • Bulky cargo like oil
  • Units such as vehicles
  • Containerized cargo
  • Plant machinery

Yes, we at Livercot can help you decide which mode of transportation is suitable for your cargo, depending on the classifications above

Can you pay for my goods from my supplier and let me pay back after receiving the goods?
Yes, we at Livercot have the capacity to arrange, fund and pay taxes depending on the terms agreed upon with the client. We can move goods from end to end on freight, charges collect /prepaid terms depending on the contractual obligations that can be negotiated.
Can I pay Taxes for my goods before they arrive in the country?
Most of our clients pose this question!! We also help our clients plan for their finances, and in this regard we advise on issues like these. With the modernization of our customs systems with URA, selected clearance points where pre-entries and payments can be done have been created for example frontier or boarder offices like Malaba, Busia & Mutukula by land transport pre-payments can be achieved once you get access to the passed C17B from Mombasa or Dar el Salaam plus all the relevant documents for importation. By air, we need pre-alerts and importation documents to process pr-payment.
How long could sea cargo take from my supplier to me?
Transit time schedules are controlled by the shipping liner. Having been in this filed longer, we have the privilege of knowing the numerous shipping liners and their shipping times. In this case we can advise our clients on which liner to use in order to get their cargo quickest.
Can I import my cargo using a container & retain the empty container shell for my personal uses? Will it be taxed?
Such transactions depend on how you acquired the container from its original owner. If you have paid for the container and you present evidence of payment, customs will tax the container because it doesn’t belong to the shipping liner & you taking it for other uses.
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