Freight forwarding

No shipment too big, no distance too far. Make Livercot Impex limited your A to Z solution for all of your shipping and transportation needs. We offer competitive rates for freight forwarding from different origins to various destinations across continents. We take up tasks and full responsibility on any agreed terms between the seller and the buyer.
We perform these through our vast networking and partners overseas. Livercot Impex limited executes upon the custom projects many other large providers avoid. We provide our clients with the most cost-effective, custom solutions by consolidating warehousing, transportation and delivery services. Our logistics specialists analyze and design custom supply chain solutions to meet the demands of an ever-changing market We maintain a network of distribution partners in various countries, allowing us to provide support for any scope of supply chain and inventory control. Our global network offers a variety of shipping and transport services scaled to address many common enterprise needs.
Livercot Impex limited offers a full portfolio of freight forwarding solutions to both domestic and international clients. Our logistics specialists can help you identify a mode of transport that fits the required timetable with the quality of service you demand from a freight forwarder. We provide custom international freight solutions through strategic partnerships with the transportation industry’s top carriers and our comprehensive approach to international freight forwarding provides you with cost-effective options for air and ocean transportation. We are experts in handling imported and exported freight into or out of the country. We can coordinate your shipments and arrange for priority air transport service to keep your supply chain in sync with your timetable. As an independent freight forwarder, we can provide you with the utmost flexibility. We have access to a wide range of carriers and schedules to help meet the tightest deadlines.
We maintain relationships with many of the industry’s top cargo carriers and provide full-service ocean freight from all major destinations all over the world. we book the most cost-effective forwarding routes and carriers for your ocean freight. We negotiate international rates, issue paperwork and manage shipments on water and land.
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