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Do you find yourself spending considerable hours and energy managing your Human Resources (HR) issues? Are you confident that you are solving your HR issues effectively, and that your solutions are in compliance with government regulations?


Do you know...

  • To do with two employees that don't get along
  • To do if an employee walks off the job
  • Types of strategies motivate employees
  • You can release employee information
  • You need policies and procedures
  • A specific action could be discriminatory
  • Pay equity is an issue
  • That great employee is not a good supervisor
  • Employees complain about everything
  • WSIB is preparing to audit your company
  • Your employees don’t listen
  • To conduct effective and legal interviews
  • To retain valuable employees
  • To discipline employees
  • To terminate employees

You can have phone or email access to well-rounded and seasoned HR professionals who can provide answers to your questions, or solutions to your HR issues.
Mind Global Consult On-Call is your off site, unique, cost effective support service that provides expert and confidential advice and guidance for employers spanning all the major areas of human resources.

Our HR professionals listen, ask questions, discuss and, if necessary, research to find the most appropriate solution to your situation. We provide you with timely, innovative, practical and workable solutions on those day-to-day real life employee problems.  Whether it’s a quick question or assistance with a problem employee, take comfort knowing our helpful, friendly, professional service is only a phone call or email away.

HR mistakes are costly to your business!   Protect yourself and your investment!

For more information, package options and fees, call or email us.

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