Organizational Development


Mind Global Consult views Organizational Development (OD) as the planned organization-wide effort to increase the organizational effectiveness. Our OD interventions aim at improving the organization's capacity to handle its internal and external functioning and relationships. Our OD interventions help our client to answer four questions:

  1. Where do we want to be in the future?
  2. What and where are the resources we need to begin?
  3. Where are we?
  4. How will we know we are succeeding?

Our interventions are based on the specific needs of the client. We depend on participatory learning, analysis, data collection, diagnosis and action planning.

Our Organisational Development Interventions

Strategic Planning

We work with the Institutions to carry out a detail analysis of the operational environment and to develop a vision, mandate, mission, core values, strategic objectives, specific activities and action plan that will guide the operations of the Institution for our client. We always use a number of tools to be able to understand the current and project with certainty the future operation environment. Some of the tools used:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Corer programme Analysis
  • Institutional functional analysis 

We also develop a monitoring instrument for the client to be able to determine whether the Institution is succeeding or failing

Organizational design

We work with the Institution Key Stakeholders to design an organogram that will help the Institution to achieve its strategic plan. Situational analysis and functional analysis are key stages in the process of organizational design

Job/competence analysis

We have client to identify contents and competences required to meet performance expectation in the role. The information obtained from the analysis is to prepare detailed and relevant job descriptions for each position on the structure

Job evaluation and grading

Mind Global Consult uses job evaluation to establish an equitable pay structure for organization where equal pay can be provided for work of equal worth. To achieve the objective, we use a participatory approach where staff representatives are trained to carry out job analysis, identify compensable factor, attach weights to each of the compensable factors to develop a factor plan. 

Using the factor plan evaluate all job families and cluster roles with same relative worth together to achieve internal equity. Mind Global Consult can use both off self-job evaluation methodologies such as Castellion, Hey and Paterson System. It can also develop tailor made job evaluation methodologies for specific Institutions to cater for specific peculiarity for different Institutions that may not be catered by the generic methodologies

Organisational Self-Assessment

Mind Global Consult uses Diagnostic Interventions to help Organizations to assess themselves.  The process helps the client to answer the following questions:

  • What were our target?
  • What has been achieved?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • What prevents us from reaching where we want to be?

What should be done to reach where we want to be

Work Study analysis

Mind Global Consult help their clients to carry out a detailed work study.  This is always intended to establish the work load for each role   to guide on the required number of staff per role, department and eventually for the entire organization

Development of systems and policies

We develop and review organizational systems, policies, procedures and manuals. The policies and manuals range from Board policies and Board Charter to human resources, administration, operations or programming

Change Management

Change is not new – we live in a world of constant change.  What is new is ever increasing speed at which change happens.  Technological advancements, expanding markets, financial constraints, global economy, organizational evolution and government legislation are all putting pressure on organizations to change and stay dynamic. Yet the process of change is far from easy and implementing it successfully makes considerable demands on the managers involved.

Organizations don't adapt to change; their people do. That is why change management is a fundamental competency needed by managers, supervisors, Human Resources staff, and organization leaders.

Mind Global Consult supports organizations through successful and proven change management techniques that help your employees adapt and succeed in times of transition

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