Recruitment and Selection Services 

Mind Global Consult assist organizations select the most suitable candidates for positions first time. 

Our Recruitment Strategies and Tools Employed

Executive Recruitment

Mind Global Consult Assist its Clients to identify competent individuals to fill critical posts in Institutions. Our executive recruitment models recognize that every position in the organization requires different competences to meet performance expectation in the role.  Therefore, we use different methods to identify individuals with the required competences to meet the expected performance standards. 

Our Executive Recruitment models uses both Advertisement search and Headhunting.  In both approaches we use our experienced Industrial/ organizational psychologists to develop and administer competence based instruments. 

In Executive Recruitment, we always use competence based assessment centres. This method uses a collection of tests, interviews and role plays to ensure an applicant is tested from all angles.  The different instruments we use include, competence based structured interviews, and Leadership competence based tests, in-basket exercises, and emotional intelligence instrument, Psychometric tests, team performance and communication assessment tests.   


Mind Global Consult through its networks identifies individuals with proven competences to fill certain positions in organizations. We always use Headhunting methods to fill Critical Posts in organizations. Critical Positions refers to those posts that are rare on the market and take time to develop.

Mind Global Consult through its networks maintains a database of proven competent individuals practically in all professions. Through our work overtime we have also been able to build competence profile data base for most of the position in this Institution. This has helped us to help our clients to identify staff with the qualities they are looking for. Over 95% of the individuals recruited through this method have performed to the expectation of client.

Human Resource Outsourcing Services

Mind Global Consult maintain a data base of trained individuals in most of the profession that is used to provide short-term services to Institutions.  Our database includes both unskilled and skilled employees that can be provided within a period of three days from the time of placing a request

Psychometric Testing

We use a number of different testing instruments known as a test battery.  When we do this, we examine each applicant from a number of angles to make sure that our final selection does not rely on one part of an individual’s strength or weakness.

By carefully attending to the different job categories, we administer different Psychometric testing instruments to different applicants.  We do however administer crosscutting tests such as capacity to learn on the job and honesty. However, the psychometric tests we offer include the following

Personnel Classification Test

This test is composed of verbal and arithmetic reasoning.  It taps general intelligence, particularly one’s capacity to learn quickly and to think constructively.  In addition, they measure one’s level of alertness and consistency

Honesty Scale

This instrument taps one’s level of honesty/integrity.  It was designed to identify an individual’s tendency towards delinquency and other forms of dishonesty, counter-productive and anti-social behaviours.

Leadership scale

The test assesses the applicant’s perception of himself/herself as a leader and what those close to him/her think he/she is.  It will tap how responsible the individual is.

Verbal Ability Test

This test taps general intelligence particularly one’s capacity to think constructively and to learn quickly.  In addition, they measure one’s level of alertness and consistency.

Stenographer’s Test

This test involves speed, accuracy, and spelling tests.


The purpose of the bio data test is to tap an applicant’s experience that is relevant to the work of the organization.  It also taps his or her personality that would be relevant to the job applied for.

Work Sample Tests

We always design these tests from materials provided by the client organisation.  The test simulates a real life example, which a person working for the given organization is most likely to face.  This will particularly tap the individual’s ability to make quick decisions, good judgement, and being responsible.

Accounting Achievement Test

This measures accounting, financial, and information management, as well as audit skills.

Computer Knowledge Test

This test taps computer knowledge skills and other IT management skills required for a particular job. The candidates are given a work sample and expected to select an appropriate program to complete the task.

Customer Service Care

This test assesses the individual’s mental, emotional, and behavioural dispositions to appropriately attend to and handle various kinds of clients and their problems.

Stress Management Scale

This scale tests the applicant’s resilience to face, handle, and withstand stressful life and occupational or work events while maintaining cognitive and psychological well-being.

Aptitude tests

These tests measure the intelligence/reasoning capacity of candidates and they can predict an individual’s future performance on the job. The above Psychometric tests are used to screen applicants if the numbers of qualified applicants received are twenty or more. The scores obtained from these tests are used to determine whether the candidate will qualify for competence-based oral interviews.

Oral Interview

Mind Global consult employees a range of oral interviews to help our Clients recruit staff with the   right competences. Some of the oral interview tools employed by Mind Global Consult are the structured interviews. The structured interviews used by Mind Global Consult are categorized into two:

  1. Situational simulations or Interviews
  2. These are always used to measure the interviewee’s ability to project what his or her future behaviour will be, given a situation.

  3. Patterned Behaviour Description Interview (PBDI)

These are designed to show how the past behaviour of an Interviewer can be used to predict level of performance in a similar or different situation. Sometimes we refer to such interviews as experience based. 

Other Tools Used
  1. In-Basket Exercise
  2. Mind Global Consult designs these exercises to simulate a real life situation, which a person working for given organization is most likely to face.  They are designed particularly to tap the individual’s ability to make quick decisions, good judgement, and being responsible.

  3. Team Performance Measurement Instrument
  4. The instruments are designed to measure interviewee’s team competencies. The test is designed to depict how an applicant behave in a team situation. 

  5. Oral Presentation Instrument
  6. The instruments are designed to measure individual competencies regarding passing on information to his/her counter parts.

  7. Personality tests
  8. As fully trained Psychologists we also administer personality tests. Currently we use MBTI developed by Isabel Briggs Myers to describe interviewee’s personality.

  9. Assessment Centre
  10. Mild Global consult designs Assessment Centres to test applicants on a number of fronts.  Our typical Assessment Centre uses the following tools, Competence based structured interviews, in basket exercise, individual presentations, and Team work measurement and computer proficiency

    The use of the above instruments guides Mind Global Consult to confidently make hiring decisions based on best fit, not gut feelings, over-inflated resumes and 'slick' interviewees. We will help you to hire right the first time by using proven methods and tools.

  11. Reference Checks
  12. Mind Global Consult uses its networks to get information on applicants before a final recruitment decision is made. Reference checks assist employers make great hiring decisions.

  13. Performance Management
  14. Mind global consults helps its clients to build develop a performance management system that help them to manage performance of employee through a results driven approach.   Our performance management model focus on establishing sound performance   management system that are consistent and comprehensive to:

    Improve organisational performance by linking the value drivers to individual/team outputs,
    Facilitate desired behaviour to support the organizational values and value drivers, Reward employees for achieving challenging targets;
    Ensure that managers and supervisors are held accountable for the performance of their subordinates.

    Mind Global Consults uses a five steps performance management system.

    Step 1: Performance planning:

    We train our clients to set performance goals/ objectives, expected standard and levels of performance for the period under duration.

    Step 2: Performance Contracting

    In this step we train our client to set up Key Performance Areas, Key Performance Indicator, weightings, designing source of evidence, target setting and score rating for the objectives identified.

    Step 3: Managing Performance

    We train our client to monitor staff performance in line with set performance objectives and providing constructive feedback to their supervisees, coupled with coaching and development of skills in order to enable them to achieve the desired level of performance 

    Step 4: Measuring Performance/ Appraisal Stage

    Step 5: Encouraging performance

    Mind Global consults has experienced consultants in setting up performance management systems using different tools like Balanced Score Card, competence based performance system, 360 performance management system.   

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