Succession Planning

Succession planning is vital to the survival of every organization. In the past, succession planning typically targeted only key leadership positions.  In today’s organizations, it is important to include key positions in a variety of jobs. To remain competitive, as well as ensure that position vacancies do not affect your business’ overall performance, you need to have a succession plan in place.

Although your business may have skilled staff at present, forward planning will determine how you will retain key talent for the future.  Succession planning is a systematic process of identifying your organizations future talent needs, targeting talent gaps, aligning people with the right roles, developing their skills and retaining them.

Let Mind Global Consult help you to keep and move the ‘right’ staff by establishing a process that identifies the strengths and ambitions of employees, develops their skills and abilities, and prepares them for movement, all while retaining them to ensure a return on the organization's training and development investment. With effective succession planning, employees are ready for new roles as the need arises, and when someone leaves, a current employee is ready to step up to the plate.

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