Talent Retention 

The cost of losing a current and/or future top performer is quite substantial. The monetary cost of replacing the employee is just one factor – another is finding a suitable replacement.  The changing demographics of the labour market, continuing skills shortages and employee demands for work–life balance are all contributing factors for the need to prepare now for your organizations future.

Keeping your current top performers can be challenging.  Organizations must look to improve their strategies, policies and practices for the attraction, development, deployment and retention of talent vital for their business needs.

Following some basic strategies, we will set-up your new employees for success'- thoughtful orientation; clear job descriptions, expectations and measurable goals; on-going support; encourage and support professional learning and personal growth; provide quality training, coaching and/or mentoring; engage in succession planning; offer career management services
Play fair, compensate fairly, provide 'perks' and treat employees well - remember you are protecting your investment!

Mind Global Consult works with your organization to develop and implement talent management programs that deliver results.

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