Trucking and Haulage

We provide several special transportation options for sensitive and any other type of shipments. Our logistics specialists can arrange for flexible intermodal transportation options for containers that require a combination of road, rail or ocean transport. 

Mombasa being one of the main gateways to the East African hinterland. It is from this busy port where most of the consumables and investment goods destined for the landlocked countries of East Africa - especially to Uganda, Rwanda and Southern Sudan - begin the last leg of their journey. But even countries like Burundi or the Democratic Republic of Congo are sourcing their goods from here. Further south lies Dar es Salaam, which serves as gateway for Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi and also the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Livercot Impex Ltd maintains competitive operations in both of these port cities. Over the past years, Livercot Impex Ltd has undertaken many road surveys, handled countless shipments of the standard container movements over vast distances to various destinations. 

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